Why you require fiberglass boat paint in Marsden Cove and tips for getting the best results

While looking at new fiberglass boats, you just want to reach out and touch them. The color is so deep and shiny and flawless. This color is held in a gel coat, and requires quite a bit of maintenance. Sadly, not all get coats are the same and the quality will impact how long your boat will shine for.

A proper gel coat should last a long period, but frequently we are noticing boats that are just a few years old and look pale. Waxing will restore the color, but it might last a few months after every wax.

To restore your boat to its actual glory, your best choice is fiberglass boat paint in Marsden Cove. The success of your fiberglass paint job is truly down to craftsmanship and understanding precisely what is involved.

Here are the three most vital factors to consider making sure that your fiberglass paint job is successful:

  1. Preparation of the surface: Just like any paint job, this is vital. Gel coat is a bit porous. Nonetheless, if you have been waxing your boat regularly or for a long period of time, his would have created a new surface which is sleek. The fiberglass boat paint will adhere to get a better gel coat than the waxed surface, hence it is vital to sand and remove this top layer to get the best out of the new paint job.
  2. Stripping the boat: This is a very time taking job, but it is important to a successful paint job. If you try to mask off the areas not to be painted you will later find that these are the first areas to emerge and become problematic. This is also applicable to other parts of the fiberglass. Even if these are going to be painted, it is best to segregate them, and then reconstruct. This will prevent further emerging across the stainless steel screws used for attachment.
  3. Avoid dark colors: There has been a bit of practice lately to use dark colors to define the style and shape of the boats. The issue with this is that the dark colors absorb more sun and the color might shrink and cause some kind of distortion to the part.

With all these covered, you should have an ideal looking boat. Before you enlist any working person or a boat yard to take on this job, it is vital that you see instances of their past work. It is also best to discuss the job comprehensively before any work is commenced as you don’t want to leave any vital decisions up to anyone else.

Before your boat is painted, it will have to be stripped of all accessories and all the different sections will have to be divided up before any fiberglass boat paint can be applied. Where two surfaces meet, there is the hazard that air will be trapped within the paint and the paint will create a bridge between these sections.

While you are selecting a boat painter, it is vital to go over the entire boat with them and to know the procedures which they will undergo while preparing and painting your boat. Moreover, ask to see instances of their work. Most painters will instantly provide something which is just leaving their workshop; nonetheless this is bound to look good. Ask if you can see one done a couple of year before.

One final word of warning is not to select dark colored fiberglass boat paint. This will absorb heat and will warp. Doing that, it can actually distort the fiberglass.



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