Anti- Fouling

Antifouling paints are used to coat the bottoms of ships to prevent sea life such as algae and unwanted organisms attaching themselves to the hull, thereby slowing down the ship and increasing fuel consumption. The right selection of Antifouling Service in Marsden Cove and vessel painters will ensure good adhesion and excellent performance over time.

The dynamic team at Abel Marine Ltd has the latest knowledge to offer a wide range of antifouling services to clients.

Our anti-fouling package includes an evaluation of your vessel, suggesting what antifouling services are required, and completing your antifouling jobs within guaranteed timeframes. We can customize your vessel’s needs.

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Abel Marine Ltd has the knowledgeable team to facilitate different kinds of brightwork and varnish upkeep, along with offering a complete range of yacht restoration services to clients at affordable charges. Our annual re-coating of existing varnish is recommended to owners with objectives to maintain good condition and long-lasting finish of their boats. We are also committed to providing all our clients with world-class yacht repair and maintenance services remotely to meet their watercraft needs, upon request.

Whether you are eager to get the assistance of spring fit-out, winterization services or ongoing routine maintenance of the boat, we are always ready to offer the best help. The dynamic team of Abel Marine Ltd has industry-graded expertise to understand the importance of proper yacht maintenance, and also you can select glossy, semi-glossy, matte, and satin finish for the brightwork.

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Osmosis Repair

Osmosis is the blistering process which concentrates solvents within the blister void that dissolve the material. The amount of fluid contained in these blisters is often so small that it doesn’t threaten the laminate. Blisters usually have a pungent smell of an acidic nature like vinegar. Therefore, Osmosis Repair in Marsden Cove is a must.

If you have large or small blisters make sure to talk to Abel Marine Ltd to discuss your options. We’ve expert skills to manage your widespread vessel repair and maintenance needs.

Our highly talented technicians will examine problems related to osmosis and ensure the safest repair or replacement in the shortest time.



Your boat should be kept at its best possible condition if it is your dream to take pleasure in a trouble free relaxing and thrilling boating experience.

No matter how carefully you look after your pride and joy, eventually it starts to look a bit shabby, If you’re considering a new look, perhaps a different colour scheme, there are plenty of options to explore.

Abel Marine Ltd is your go-to place to meet your widespread vessel painting needs. From different forms of boat paintings to small-size yacht repairs, we can manage to provide a complete restoration and maintenance. If your old vessel needs tailor-made painting services, our experts are knowledgeable to offer quality marine industry finishes for boats.Abel Marine’s fully licensed boat painters are meticulous to offer world-class yacht painting services and repairs to all our clients.

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Whether it’s a small repair or you need the decks fibre-glassed. Abel Marine’s highly talented team has been offering Fiberglass Boat Repair in Marsden Cove in the right way to each client at competitive prices.

Don’t hesitate to contact our experts and share your widespread vessel repairing or maintenance needs with us, as we are always ready to offer exact services to your yacht repairs.

Irrespective of fiberglass boat damaged types, we can ensure proper and efficient care of your vessels.

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There’s no job too big or small.



Owning a boat is a big investment on both time and money. Investing and maintaining it is vital.

Abel Marine Ltd dynamic team have a 3 stage system that they use to remove oxidation and protect your vessel from deterioration and returning your pride and job to a “as new look”.

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When Wood Rot gets into your boat timbers not only does the rotten wood need to be cut out but the surrounding timber needs treating to kill off the spores.

There are two main types of rot that infect wooden boats.

Both are caused by fungi growing within the wood issue

Wet rot; happens when unprotected timber is in constant contact with moisture.

Dry rot; occurs when the unprotected timber has repeatedly been wet and then dries out.

However, the wood won’t rot just because it is wet but because the rot fungi have the ideal conditions in which to grow.

They need moisture, oxygen, stable temperature and food in the form of the wood fibres.

Prevention is, as they say, always better than a cure.

A neglected boat is the one most likely to suffer from wood rot.

So, regardless of how well you have protected the wood a little bit of time and care can save much work in the long run.

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