Things you should know about marine spray paint in Marsden Cove

There are times when your marine spray paint in Marsden Cove which once used to be vibrant, are now fading, cracking or peeling showing the metal below. This can be your railings, hatch moldings, Helm area or almost anything that had a paint finish. Is it time for a new one? Well perhaps or perhaps not. Here is a way to make them look brand new again.

Now you may have bigger jobs than what we are mentioning, but you can apply the same principle and marine spray paint in Marsden Cove. So let us get started.

First of all, you have to get the cracking and peeling taken care of by scraping lightly and then sanding. You want to have a sleek finish without lows and highs from the peeling or cracking areas. Yes, it does mean a bit of sanding depending on the seriousness of the finish. Try to sand out the cracks and the lows and highs to try to get it to blend. You can use filler found in several marine supply stores to take care of any inconsistencies and dents. Sand it so you get one unique look. Wipe off your railing, accessory, etc and use a damp cloth with thinner to clean it up for the paint

Now there are two very vital aspects of doing this. One is your spray method. We utilize spray paint cans from auto stores or marine supply stores which come with their own nozzles. Before using, the spray can itself has to be warm so the paint product within is warm. It is a warm sunny day out, allow it warm that way by being outside and shake the cans repeatedly till the ball within moves very conveniently. While using a spray can, there is a method. First of all, there is a back and forth movement, passing the boat accessory by a few inches either way. Try it without spraying to get a rhythm. When you are paint spraying, the spray starts just before the boat accessory and keep on spraying till it passes the other end an inch or so.  When you come back at it, start spraying repeatedly before the accessory and so on.  Keep the spray almost 8 to 10 inches away while spraying. You just want to do light coatings. You might do 5 passes and still see through the paint and that is excellent. Just wait for a few minutes, shake the spray can again and frequently, then do more passes. Just wait a little and do more. You will definitely love the factory finish you get!

Now keep in mind, we only gave you a couple of secrets. The first one was to have a warm can before commencing which is mandatory. Sometimes when we do the spray painting, we can feel the spray can is truly warm from the sun and that is good. Now here is the secret! The main one, which will make it or break it, and is the boat accessory. The surface you are spray painting should be this way. On a very sunny hot day, just leave what you want to spray paint out in the sun for a while as it heats up. The spray paint cans we use are the high heat ones, such as the spray paint for engines. These paints take the heat and also additives in them for a better bond. The paint will cover and the finishes will lok excellent on your boat.



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