What Type of Fiberglass Is Ideal For Building Boats?

Depending upon your ship’s usage, you need to select the resin of fiberglass boats. Polyester resin is ideal for fiberglass boat building. Although there are various resin options, and each comes with unique specifications in the marine industry. For example, a vinylester resin is used for “S-Glass” boats, but for “E-Glass” boats polyester resin is a perfect match. 

So, let’s look for the basic types of fiberglass resins, which are extremely important in yacht making –

Polyester Resin

This kind of resin is most commonly used for the building of today’s boats because it’s comparatively inexpensive and used in all-purpose. Although its low-stretch properties won’t allow it to be used on a modern yacht, and it’s perfectly suitable for the latest boats. 

Epoxy Resin

This high-performing resin is quite expensive to manufacture enough quantities of boats. Due to the liquid texture, epoxy resin isn’t a commonly picked material, and it’s only preferred for stringers, attaching cores, and other items. 

Vinylester Resin

This kind of fiberglass resin is a great alternative to polyester resins, and it offers excellent stretch characteristics in yacht making. It has better fatigue and water-resistant properties, although comparatively expensive in the market.  

Regardless of which resin you’ve selected; sanding is extremely important in every ship ahead of sailing. In order to eliminate your repairing cost and enjoy maximum advantages, polyester resin is mostly selected as it’s imperative to grind the repair areas to ensure constant performance. 

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